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  • Hair Extensions
    5 Risk-Free Ways To Transform Your Hair

    New York Smash Magazine | January 25, 2014 There are so many great hairstyles to try, but the thought of doing irreversible damage to your tresses may keep you from experimenting with your hair. Amazingly, there is a way to live your hair fantasies without cutting or coloring — clip-in hair extensions. Using clip-in options […]

  • Hair How-To
    cropped fringe
    Spring/Summer 2016’s Boldest Hair Trend

    Behold: The cropped fringe When it comes to changing things up for SS16, the biggest hair trends are all about cuts, rather than colors this season. So stick with your natural hair hue (or add a little something with some gentle strobing or feather lights) and go for the chop to start the new season […]

  • Hair How-To
    HOW-TO: Kim Kardashian’s New Lived-In Ombre by Cesar Ramirez

    Kim Kardashian revealed her new hairstyle in a snapchat captioned “midnight haircut,” with a shoutout to her stylist, Mizani Global Artistic Director Cesar Ramirez. He gave Kardashian more than just a cut – he also gave her a soft, honey-hued ombre (perfect for moving into summer) and styled her hair according to his signature, “perfectly […]

  • Hair How-To
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    Hair Strobing: The “New Highlights” of 2016

    Like makeup, hair trends are constantly evolving and we’ve noticed that make up tricks also work incredibly well on our hair. Similar to contouring, Hair Strobing is a trending color technique that highlights where light would naturally hit the face. Meaning strobers can accentuate their best features, and compliment those they dislike with contrasting colors. […]

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  • cropped fringe
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Hair Science

Hair Science

Winter hair is all about the frizz but there’s hope to getting rid of the static. Here’s a quick hair hack: grab a dryer sheet anytime your hair gets all frizzy, and run it gently along the top of your hair to eliminate static electricity. You can also try placing a dryer sheet over your […]

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Brides & Updos

Brides & Updos
Wedding Hair Trends 2016

From the mouth of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Hairstylist Rebecca Cox, Grazia Magazine | March 3rd, 2016 If you haven’t already starting polishing up your hair skills for the upcoming wedding season…it’s not too late to start! But first, freshen up on what’s trending. The brilliant Richard Ward, who did actual Kate Middleton’s actual […]

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Pic of the Week

A Haircut in A War Zone 1945

Few people realize that many of the early legends of hairdressing earned their craft not in school, but as a barber in the battlefield. As part of daily life…many soldiers would take opportunities for grooming whenever they could. In this stunning photograph from Sunday, June 10th, 1945…Private First Class Troy Dixon, Leadhill, Arkansas, uses a Japanese […]

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SPRING/SUMMER 2017: Fendi’s Cartoon Hair Trend
Last week at Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi presented a look for spring/summer 2017 that had social media buzzing: glittery lips and spunky candy princess hair accessories. The look was inspired by the cartoon Wreck-It Ralph!

Backstage, hairstylist Sam McKnight affixed Fendi’s acrylic bag studs to bobby pins and placed them in models’ hair at random, mimicking the sugar dots on Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz’s head. With a lineup of coifs ranging from bouncing pigtails to asymmetric ponytails, the overall effect was designed to conjure youth and grit—and a hint of manga. “It’s tough and not too romantic,” McKnight said. Bookmark this for spring!
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Here's what you need to know before you book an appointment!

1: Extensions don't only add length. You can choose to add volume instead (or in addition to length), which is perfect for fine, limp or thinning hair.

2: Turn that bob into a mane! If your existing hair is at little as 3 inches long, you can get extensions, although the extent of your transformation may be limited if your hair is very short.

3: Extensions can be braided in, glued in, woven in, or — if you only need a follicular boost for a special event — clipped in.

4: You can also add highlights or color with shades ranging from mild to wild!

5: The process isn't painful, so it shouldn't hurt a bit.
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