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PS67: Nebraska

Bernard discusses the controversial topic of continuing education in our industry as he heads to Nebraska to offer a hair extension class for a large group. Check out this episode!

PS65: Talking to Strangers

Bernard reminisces on his own fear of talking to strangers and shares his strategies on how to conquer it and be assertive in building a successful clientele. Check out this episode!

Hair Science

Winter hair is all about the frizz but there’s hope to getting rid of the static. Here’s a quick hair hack: grab a dryer sheet anytime your hair gets all frizzy, and run it gently along the top of your hair to eliminate static electricity. You can also try placing a dryer sheet over your […]

Hair Extensions
5 Risk-Free Ways To Transform Your Hair

New York Smash Magazine | January 25, 2014 There are so many great hairstyles to try, but the thought of doing irreversible damage to your tresses may keep you from experimenting with your hair. Amazingly, there is a way to live your hair fantasies without cutting or coloring — clip-in hair extensions. Using clip-in options […]

Special Reports
How To Choose the Right Extensions

Where add-on hair is concerned…it seems like every time you turn around there is yet another hair extension company to choose from. With so many options…the choice can be daunting. So step back…don’t get distracted by pretty boxes and colors…and look at them objectively. If you’re unsure of where to start…we did the heavy lifting […]

Beauty News
Printed Hair Is Here for Cancer Survivors!

A breakthrough in 3D printing allows cancer survivors to feel like themselves again with a custom 3-D printed scalp! Melinda Carstensen | Fox News | March 30, 2016 For so many of us, our hair is everything…so deeply interconnected with our level of confidence that we don’t appreciate that depth until we lose it. For […]

Special Reports
10 Critical Mistakes Salons Make with Extensions

If you look in your salon records and see more red than black…do you ever wonder what’s so different about your salon compared to the “big guys”? We polled across the country…digging into the business of hair extensions and uncovered the 10 critical mistakes salons make with their extension business…and tell YOU how to avoid […]

Special Reports
5 Best Ways to Learn The Art of Extensions

Where hair extensions are concerned, there is BIG money to be made…but what’s the most effective way to master it? In this special report we went coast to coast, exploring the methods offered up by today’s extension manufacturers…and then break down the pros & cons of each method. You’ll learn the 5 best ways to […]

Hair Science
The crazy hair secret of Asian women

Rice Water for Long, Healthy Hair?? Throughout Asia, the secret women have been hiding from the world for millennia is not found in forests, plants or science. It’s found in the kitchen. Unlike the rest of the world, Asian women do not throw away the water in which they washed or boiled rice. Instead, they […]

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