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5 Risk-Free Ways To Transform Your Hair

New York Smash Magazine | January 25, 2014 There are so many great hairstyles to try, but the thought of doing irreversible damage to your tresses may keep you from experimenting with your hair. Amazingly, there is a way to live your hair fantasies without cutting or coloring — clip-in hair extensions. Using clip-in options […]

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Spring/Summer 2016’s Boldest Hair Trend

Behold: The cropped fringe When it comes to changing things up for SS16, the biggest hair trends are all about cuts, rather than colors this season. So stick with your natural hair hue (or add a little something with some gentle strobing or feather lights) and go for the chop to start the new season […]

Hair Extensions
Long Hair Extensions? Here’s a Trend You Need!

Introducing “Pancake” Braids! Another day, another bizarrely-named trend we’re hearing about. Today, we’re thinking about braids. More specifically, we’re thinking about how to make your braids look fuller and thicker, should not possess Rapunzel’s locks. If that sounds like you, have no fear. You simply need to ‘pancake’, carefully loosening your braids to make them […]

Hair Extensions
Extension Trends Summer 2016

Get ready for fashion color! Spring/summer isn’t just the time for clients to get more playful with color…it’s also a time for them to get more playful with EXTENSION color. The leading trend this season is all manner of rainbow colors…more specifically as bangs! For clients who feel like a change, but don’t want the […]

Hair Trends
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This Futuristic Hair Trend Broke the Net

Is this hairstyle quirky, stylish and smooth or the world’s worst haircut? A few weeks back a video done just for fun by St. Petersburg, Russia hairdresser Aleona Starzhinskaia was shared on Facebook. In a few weeks it went viral…currently having been viewed over 2.3 million times! At first glance…the video appears to be a […]

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Hair Strobing: The “New Highlights” of 2016

Like makeup, hair trends are constantly evolving and we’ve noticed that make up tricks also work incredibly well on our hair. Similar to contouring, Hair Strobing is a trending color technique that highlights where light would naturally hit the face. Meaning strobers can accentuate their best features, and compliment those they dislike with contrasting colors. […]

Hair Extensions
TRENDING: Extensions Go Even MORE Mainstream

Most recently seen on Gigi Hadid with her faux bob, we are seeing a lot of celebrities wearing styles that are temporary and can change their whole look instantly. Custom made wigs and hairpieces are becoming much more common and being embraced not only by celebs but by the general public – people are not […]

Hair Extensions
The “It” Extension Color of 2016

Pink is back! Plenty of celebrities and Instagram stars have been eagerly embracing the bold pink hair trend that everyone has been keen to try. From candyfloss pinks to rosy hues to bright color pops – could 2016 be the year of pink extensions? LOOK 1: Choppy hairstyles look amazing with this trend, and shorter […]

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