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PS67: Nebraska

Bernard discusses the controversial topic of continuing education in our industry as he heads to Nebraska to offer a hair extension class for a large group. Check out this episode!

PS65: Talking to Strangers

Bernard reminisces on his own fear of talking to strangers and shares his strategies on how to conquer it and be assertive in building a successful clientele. Check out this episode!

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The Profitable Stylist Podcast Is In 16 Countries!

NOW WITH THOUSANDS OF FANS IN 16 COUNTRIES! If you haven’t checked out “The Profitable Stylist” Podcast…do! With over 3,500 fans in 16 different countries, it’s the only podcast by beauty pros…for beauty pros! Bigger profits, better results…beautiful hair. Listen and subscribe:

The was founded by a team of salon owners and stylists to investigate the challenges facing salons today, share our findings and offer the secrets successful salons use to build their business. For us, mediocre business is not enough. We are always looking to learn what other salons are doing far and wide to grow their business, make clients happier or simply to make the business of beauty…easier.

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