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TRENDING: #PAINTROLLERHAIR ?! Canadian hairstylist Kelly O’Leary went viral this week after a color…

TRENDING: #PAINTROLLERHAIR ?! Canadian hairstylist Kelly O’Leary went viral this week after a color application technique she perfected to speed up stage work was picked up by Good Morning America! Her “paint roller technique” involved a trip to the local dollar store to grab some rollers and trays and away she went!Colorist invents new way…

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THIS COLORIST IS GOING VERTICAL??? In a video that colorist Caitlin Ford posted, at…

THIS COLORIST IS GOING VERTICAL??? In a video that colorist Caitlin Ford posted, at first glance the client’s hair (shown on a side view), looks like a rocker-style mohawk. But take a closer peek and you’ll see a piece of clear, crescent-shaped plexiglass holding the hair in place. This is a color board Ford created…

Bye bye grungy dip dye. Hello ‘high-end bleed’!

There’s a growing trend emerging that’s changing the way we look at ‘non-natural’ colours. Forget DIY dip-dyes, and say hello to the high-end bleed, courtesy of Not Another Salon. “When my clients were 17 and the trend first came back, it was all home-dye and we loved it. But those girls have grown up and […]

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Choosing the Right Extension Color 101

For the color best suited to you…your skin tone is a guide! Just as haircolor 101 taught us to balance the haircolor choice to complement a client’s skin tone…extensions are no difference. Unless the client wants to make a bold statement and have their hair be the focal point, go for complementary colors. For skin […]

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Mark Leeson shares his Color Zoom tips

What Mark Leeson doesn’t know about hair isn’t worth knowing. The multi-award winner is not only a Global Creative Ambassador for Goldwell, he sits on the International Color Zoom judging panel and will be scrutinizing each and every entry that comes in this year. Whether you’re looking for a career boost or a shot at […]

Hair Trends
Reverse Balayage is Here…and It’s Confusing!

It’s about PURPOSELY creating the illusion of regrowth?! For every trend…there is a counter trend. Where color is concerned…as hairdressers we keep clients coming in to keep color fresh and get rid of regrowth before so much of it grows out that the whole look is ruined. Well…throw out the rule book, another color trend […]

Hair Trends
Hairdresser Creates Color From Art

A staple trend of the past few seasons…fashion color continues to reinvent itself. A hairdresser in a Wichita, Kansas salon captured national attention when she started to create color trends based on modern and contemporary artwork! Ursula Goff’s work is inspired by everyone from Monet to Georgia O’Keeffe!

Hair How-To
FORMULA: The Joe Jonas Rainbow Pompadour

Singer Joe Jonas went all rainbow pompadour last month and Pravana colorist Jamie Muniz put together the formula and technique to re-create the look: FORMULA 1:. Two parts Pastel Blissful Blue + 1 part Neon Blue FORMULA 2: Four parts Vivids Pink + 1 part Vivids Magenta + 1 drop Vivids Wild Orchid TECHNIQUE: Step […]

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The break out trend of 2015 is getting bigger! 5 of the most likes & shared before & afters Instagram provides snapshots of the most interactive trending topics on all manner of subjects. One of the biggest Instagram shares from beauty pros last year is still going strong: Color Melting. Color melting is a technique […]