Get Ready for 2016: Top Hair Trends Predicted

#1: Platinum is out…make way for highlights (again)


As predicted by the trends we’ve been eyeing on the catwalk, we’re summing up the essential hair trends you need to know…to be IN the know in 2016. While 2015 was the year of platinum, it will still be a seasonal favorite for spring and summer. But babylights and other unorganized highlights will dominate. The look will be effortless and sexy color with attitude that is a little more worn-looking, a little more natural and a little more sultry.


#2: Fashion colors, babylights and blue highlights will be big!


As predicted by the trends we’ve been eyeing on the catwalk, we’re summing up the essential hair trends you need to know…to be IN the know in 2016.
With the increasing hyper connection that social media plays in our lives, fashion and hair become commoditized. But for every trend, there is a counter-trend. Some individuals will stand up and demand to be different…in fashion and style through expressive individualistic color choices such as fashion colors and most especially…blue tints. Bronde, Balayage and babylights will be the natural look of choice for everyone else.


#3: Make way for BANGS!


While 2015 was the year of bold haircuts, 2016 is all retro vintage! Spotted on runways the world over, you’ll see vintage-inspired, cheekbone-length bobs reminiscent of the classic ’20s woman like Coco Chanel and Louise Brooks. It can be worn in modern way with a natural wavy texture. Or try a blunt fringe that hits close to the brows. Models with bangs dominated Spring 2016 runway shows like Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang. These bangs can be worn on any texture—straight or curly.


#4: Everyone will go NATURAL!


Based on what we’re seeing on the runway, the minds of fashion are predicting that embracing natural shades and natural texture will be a big trend this year. But that doesn’t mean going natural doesn’t mean playing color. Brunettes should have shades of light brown and caramel blonde woven throughout to create dimension. Pale blondes will also have shades layered in for a more contemporary look, unlike solid bright platinum. Pastels and Pantone-colored hairstyles will have their moment in 2016, too. Cool skin tones can make silver or pale blue look natural. If you are pale with yellow tones, a pastel pink adds a little blush to your skin.



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