Long Hair Extensions? Here’s a Trend You Need!

Introducing “Pancake” Braids!

Another day, another bizarrely-named trend we’re hearing about. Today, we’re thinking about braids. More specifically, we’re thinking about how to make your braids look fuller and thicker, should not possess Rapunzel’s locks. If that sounds like you, have no fear. You simply need to ‘pancake’, carefully loosening your braids to make them fuller, and in the process, flatter…like a pancake.

Hairstylists have been using this technique since the dawn of time – albeit probably not under that name – to give the illusion of fuller hair. It’s also a great way to give your braids a more undone, slept-in look. All you need to do is finish your normal braid, be that French, fishtail, Dutch or halo, and secure with an elastic. Then, using a thumb and finger, gently loosen the braid, section by section, so as to pull it flatter and make it seem wider.



Bernard Ory
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