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Featured Podcast #186: Believe In Yourself

Click to listen to Episode 186 of the’s official podcast! This podcast discusses the unfortunate reality that many people fail to believe in themselves and the self-fulfilling prophecy that creates. Listen and subscribe on Libsyn:

Hair History

Check out the 1965 “Hat Wig” Thankfully the era of synthetic hair extensions, pieces and wigs was short lived. But at the height of their popularity in the 1960’s, you could order your very own “Hat Wig” made of synthetic hair for just $4.97 from the Montgomery Ward catalogue. Available in 4 colors! Groovy!

Hair Extensions
Choosing the Right Extension Color 101

For the color best suited to you…your skin tone is a guide! Just as haircolor 101 taught us to balance the haircolor choice to complement a client’s skin tone…extensions are no difference. Unless the client wants to make a bold statement and have their hair be the focal point, go for complementary colors. For skin […]

Podcast Podcast #64: All The World’s A Stage

Click to listen to Episode 64 of the’s official podcast! Bernard discusses how important enthusiasm and a positive attitude are when interacting with clients – regardless of how you actually feel! Listen and subscribe on Libsyn:

A HAIR FACT YOU NEVER KNEW: Never brush or comb wet hair

When hair is wet, right out of the shower, it can be all too tempting to comb what seem like freshly conditioned, silky strands. While hair feels easier to brush when wet, though, your lovely locks are actually 3-times weaker when wet than when dry! So, brush your hair before you shower and gently comb […]


Tips from She by SO.CAP.USA National Artistic Director Nicholas French! “Clients are very nervous when they are having their extensions cut so the action you take should be very gentle and tread lightly.  You need to leave the appropriate length and style on trend.  It is all about Balance, Proportion and Shape.” WATCH POINTS Create […]

BUSINESS KNOW-HOW: Customer Retention Rate

Did you know one of the most important gauges on how well your salon is doing is your customer retention rate? Not sure what that is or what your % is? Read on… This little known percentage is incredibly important and can tell you how well you are doing with first-time clients month to month, […]


Brighten your complexion and highlight your eye color with the right extensions as highlights! Use this handy guide when using extensions as highlights. The right shade can help to accentuate eye color and also brighten the complexion. If you want a more subtle effect, stay within two shades of the natural hair color.