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AVANT GARDE BRIDAL HAIR? Another jaw dropping hair art creation from @georgiykot, who has…
Avant Garde Bridal Hair?!

AVANT GARDE BRIDAL HAIR? Another jaw dropping hair art creation from @georgiykot, who has lit up Instagram with his mad hair sculpting skills. Check this out! It’s hit 1.5 million views!This is no ordinary hairstyle, but a work of art! via: Georgiy Kot

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Choosing the Right Extension Color 101

For the color best suited to you…your skin tone is a guide! Just as haircolor 101 taught us to balance the haircolor choice to complement a client’s skin tone…extensions are no difference. Unless the client wants to make a bold statement and have their hair be the focal point, go for complementary colors. For skin […]

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Spring/Summer 2016’s Boldest Hair Trend

Behold: The cropped fringe When it comes to changing things up for SS16, the biggest hair trends are all about cuts, rather than colors this season. So stick with your natural hair hue (or add a little something with some gentle strobing or feather lights) and go for the chop to start the new season […]

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HOW-TO: Kim Kardashian’s New Lived-In Ombre by Cesar Ramirez

Kim Kardashian revealed her new hairstyle in a snapchat captioned “midnight haircut,” with a shoutout to her stylist, Mizani Global Artistic Director Cesar Ramirez. He gave Kardashian more than just a cut – he also gave her a soft, honey-hued ombre (perfect for moving into summer) and styled her hair according to his signature, “perfectly […]

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Hair Strobing: The “New Highlights” of 2016

Like makeup, hair trends are constantly evolving and we’ve noticed that make up tricks also work incredibly well on our hair. Similar to contouring, Hair Strobing is a trending color technique that highlights where light would naturally hit the face. Meaning strobers can accentuate their best features, and compliment those they dislike with contrasting colors. […]

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A Tip For Bangs

Keep bangs out of our your eyes! Sideswept bangs have the tendency to fall in your eyes (and in the way). The secret to keeping bangs over to the side requires just a little teasing at the roots. Use a rattail comb to backcomb the roots of the bangs in the direction you want them […]

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A Tip for Bouncy Waves Overnight

Want bouncier waves in less time in the morning? Braid your wet hair at night! Swap out your morning routine and shower at night, braiding your wet hair into a series of small braids or one French braid (depending on your hair type and desired style). Leave the braids in while you sleep. In the […]

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Why You Should Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt

Challenged by frizz? Here’s a weird trick: reduce frizz by drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel, then blow dry on the cool setting. Regular towels can cause a ton of friction which disrupt the cuticle and create frizz, so cotton t-shirts absorb water without causing friction. Make sure to squeeze […]

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FORMULA: The Joe Jonas Rainbow Pompadour

Singer Joe Jonas went all rainbow pompadour last month and Pravana colorist Jamie Muniz put together the formula and technique to re-create the look: FORMULA 1:. Two parts Pastel Blissful Blue + 1 part Neon Blue FORMULA 2: Four parts Vivids Pink + 1 part Vivids Magenta + 1 drop Vivids Wild Orchid TECHNIQUE: Step […]

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If you struggle to create a straight part every time, here’s a hair hack you’ll love! The trick to creating a super straight part is to zip the comb quickly from the hairline to the crown of your head. The slower you do it, the shakier your part will be.