Category: Podcast

PS199: Phil Ring Interview

Bernard guides Phil Ring in telling his success story and the road to becoming an Instagram legend. Check out this episode!

PS198: What Are You Good At?

Bernard shares what he is particularly good at and encourages his listeners to identify, embrace and improve their own talents. Check out this episode!

PS197: All about LA!

Bernard chronicles his recent stay in Los Angeles and recalls his own experience as a customer in several different salons around town. Check out this episode!

PS196: Guarantee

Bernard talks extensively about guaranteeing results in the salon. Check out this episode!

PS195: Home Work Balance

In this podcast, Bernard delves into what it really means to have home-work life balance and how to achieve it. Check out this episode!

PS194: Recorded Messages

Bernard is intrigued with the latest technology in recorded messages and shares how it translates to effective marketing. Check out this episode!

PS 193: Forgive Yourself

Bernard talks about forgiving yourself and staying in balance. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present. Check out this episode!

PS191: Plan to Attend a Show

Bernard discusses the importance of hair shows, business strategies and continuing education. Check out this episode!