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PS194: Recorded Messages

Bernard is intrigued with the latest technology in recorded messages and shares how it translates to effective marketing. Check out this episode!

PS 193: Forgive Yourself

Bernard talks about forgiving yourself and staying in balance. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present. Check out this episode!

PS191: Plan to Attend a Show

Bernard discusses the importance of hair shows, business strategies and continuing education. Check out this episode!

PS189: Boston Interview

Bernard interviews a pair of successful stylists who travel between several states to service their clients. Check out this episode!

PS187: The Older Gentleman

Bernard expands on the topic of a recent conversation – consistency is the key to success. Check out this episode!

Featured Podcast #186: Believe In Yourself

Click to listen to Episode 186 of the’s official podcast! This podcast discusses the unfortunate reality that many people fail to believe in themselves and the self-fulfilling prophecy that creates. Listen and subscribe on Libsyn:

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